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Targeted oncology

In recent years, research using hydrogels to treat melanoma cancer has been actively pursued. New forms of treatment are needed to attack cancer cells while reducing the side effects on healthy cells.


Targeted oncology

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Polymer material hydrogel composition combined with therapeutic agents has attracted much attention in recent years for the treatment of various diseases. This strategy involves the delivery of a drug by transdermal route, which leads to the death of cancer cells.

To avoid the side effects caused by traditional treatments for melanoma patients, a new field has emerged: large carrier-based drug delivery systems that locally target cancer cells while eliminating side effects on healthy cells.

Among these many types of drug delivery methodologies, hydrogel based on synthetic polymers as drug carriers attracts particular attention. The hydrophilic ACTIVGEL gel represents an excellent opportunity for the development of new cancer therapies.

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Targeted oncology
Targeted oncology

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