Memo for the patient


Memo for the patient

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In order to successfully maintain the aesthetic result after the procedure of injecting gel and avoid complications in the postoperative period, the patient must strictly observe the following rules:

After the correction of the maxillofacial area (nose, interbrow area, nasolabial folds, zygomatic area):
1. Do not use 2-3 weeks face masks, hot shower on the face.
2. Do not use the sauna for 2 months.
3. Eliminate facial massage for 4-5 months.

After a lip correction is recommended:
1. Do not eat spicy or hot food for 3 days to avoid mucosal fissures and infection.
2. Patients suffering from chronic herpes type 1 should use antiviral medication from the first days after the procedure.
3. Treat the tissues of the lips with antiseptic during the day and after meals.

After breast correction in the postoperative period:
1. Wear a compression garment without squeezing the soft tissues of the breast.
2. Avoid hypothermia and colds.
3. Exclude sauna, fitness, heavy physical activity for 3 months.
4. Do not lift more than 2 kg for 5-6 months.
5. Be careful in intimate and daily life: avoid pressure on the mammary glands so as not to damage the capsule that is forming and not to provoke a displacement of the gel from the insertion area.

After correcting the shape of the shins:
1. Eliminate hypothermia
2. Avoid straining your legs (being on your feet for more than 1 hour, exercising, running).
3. Do not wear high-heeled shoes for 2 months.
4. Exclude sauna, hot foot baths, foot massages for 3 months.

After the buttocks correction:
1. Not being in a sitting position for 2-3 weeks.
2. Don`t wear high-heeled shoes for 2-3 weeks.
3. Don`t do fitness, running, heavy physical activity for 5-6 months.
4. Don`t visit the solarium, sauna, take a hot bath for 2-3 months.
5. Exclude buttock massage for 2-3 months.

The appearance of swelling, soreness in the injection area passes within 5-7 days, sometimes longer with large amounts of the injected drug, which with proper care and preventive treatment disappear.

! Do not skip your doctor’s appointment and have pictures before and after the procedure.

Memo for the patient
Memo for the patient

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