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Mammoplasty is one of the most demanded surgeries in the world. Modern criteria for body beauty dictate the desire of women for ideal breast shapes. But there are also objective reasons for performing operations to restore the shape and volume of the breast: post-lactation atrophy of the mammary glands, reconstructive surgery after mastectomy, hormonal and age-related changes.



Application features


Reconstruction and correction of defects and deformations of soft tissues of the chest


Increase in breast soft tissue volume

ACTIVEGEL in the place of its location does not provoke the development of capsular contracture, when the fibrous capsule, which occurs naturally around the implant, becomes dense and squeezes it.

Due to its plasticity, ACTIVEGEL, after injection, gives a natural shape to soft tissues, doesn’t cause discomfort to the patient and retains the obtained result for a long time in the complete absence of tissue structure and function disorders.


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