To the attention of distributors


To the attention of distributors

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! Dear clients and doctors.

A lot of counterfeit products have appeared on the injectable filler market, including our drug ACTIVGEL, which has had positive experience in clinical use for 10 years, hundreds of studies confirming the safety and quality of the drug, which encourages competitors and individual small resellers to enter the market and sell products – counterfeits under the ACTIVEGEL trademark.

Counterfeit products under the ACTIVEGEL brand are distinguished from the original ACTIVEGEL by:

1. lack of documents for the right to sell from the manufacturer ACTIVEGEL

2. LOW PRICE relative to the price of the original by 50% -70%

3. Lack of original packaging

We ask everyone not to buy counterfeit ACTIVEGEL products, not to risk the reputation of their clinics and doctors for the sake of a cheap, low-quality product.

The manufacturer ACTIVEGEL always fights for the quality, safety of its product and customer trust.

To the attention of distributors
To the attention of distributors

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