For successful preservation of the aesthetic result after the procedure of gel injection and avoidance of complications in the post-operative period, the patient should adhere to the following rules:

After maxillofacial area correction (nose, glabellar line, nasolabial creases, malar region):
1. Do not use face masks, hot shower on face for 2-3 weeks.
2. Do not visit sauna for 2 months.
3. Exclude face massage for 4-5 months.

After lip correction it is recommended:
1. Not to eat spicy and hot food for 3 days in order to avoid cracks on the mucous surface and infection adjunction.
2. Patients suffering from chronic herpes of 1 type should use anti-viral medications from the first days after the procedure.
3. To debride the lip tissues with antiseptic medicine throughout the day and after meals.
After breast correction in the post-operative period:
1. Wear compression garments without putting soft tissues of the breast under pressure.
2. Avoid cold and cold-related diseases.
3. Exclude sauna, fitness and heavy physical activities for 3 months.
4. Do not lift weight over 2 kg within 5-6 months.
5. Be careful in intimacy and everyday life: avoid pressure on the mammary glands, so forming capsule is not damaged and gel movement from the introduction region is not provoked.


After correction of the ship shape:
1. Exclude cold
2. Exclude load on legs (being up over 1 hour, doing fitness, running) during
3. Do not wear high heels for 2 months.
4. Exclude sauna, hot foot baths, foot massage for 3 months.


After buttock correction:
1. Avoid seated position for 2-3 weeks.
2. Do not wear high heels for 2-3 weeks.
3. Exclude doing fitness, running, heavy physical activities for 5-6 months.
4. Exclude solarium, sauna, and hot bath for 2-3 months.
5. Exclude buttock massage for 2-3 months.



! Occurrence of edema, painfulness in the region of the preparation administration is over in 5-7 days, sometimes longer by great deal of the preparation injected, which disappear with due care and preventive treatment.
! It is not allowed to skip the appointed doctor’s medical supervision; and have pictures of the procedure before and after.

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