The procedure of administration of ACTIVEGEL preparation is carried out outpatiently under the conditions of aseptic/ antiseptics, without further staying in the in-patient facility. Local anaesthesia is commonly used.
The patient should undergo the following preoperative examination:
For conducting mammoplasty: general blood and urine test, checking the patient’s response to anesthesia.
1. Glycated hemoglobin
2. Prothrombin index
3. Chest photofluorography (preferably)
4. Breast ultrasonography with the mammologist’s consultation.
5. Electrocardiogram

By planning to administer the gel in other regions, it is sufficient to have:
1. General blood and urine test
2. Glycated hemoglobin
! Absolute contraindications for the preparation introduction are as follows:
1. Pregnancy and breast feeding.
2. Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
3. Serious heart diseases.
4. Chronic infectious allergic diseases of skin: psoriasis, herpes iris, lupus, chronic recrudescent stomatitis etc.
5. Mastopathy
6. Use of fat-burning products.

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